Hybrid Store Of Value Asset ON The Ethereum Blockchain

Token Sale Finished

Quick Transactions

BTC20 is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for quick & cheaper transactions.

A Hybrid Of The Original

BTC20 is a hybrid of Bitcoin & Ethereum. BTC = bitcoin, while the 20 says it’s an ERC20 token. This allows for the best of both worlds. 


Just like the original, there are only 21,000,000 coins! Community engagement & partner outreach can help growth over the long term. 

Integration With dApps

 Many developers are using the Ethereum Network to develop their dApps. The BTC20 community is ready to offer our token to integrate with these blockchain projects.

Token Sale

Token Sale has finished. Tokens will be available on EtherDelta & IDEX. 

We are having a token sale to introduce BTC20 to the world. Funds will be allocated to applying and paying for listing fees at the most popular exchanges (YoBit, Kucoin, CoinExchange, Liqui & More.) We will also be funding marketing to increase our outreach to businesses & projects about future use of BTC20 as a digital payment method.


Rate = 50,000 BTC20/ETH

Minimum Contribution: 0.05ETH


15,000,000 tokens are available in the token sale.

Token Explorer

Week 1 = 50% Bonus

Week 2 = 25% Bonus


January – 12th – January 26th

Why BTC20?

BTC20 is a cross between Bitcoin & Ethereum. This hybrid token aims to offer holders the best of both worlds and unite fans of both crypto currencies. 

The total token supply of 21,000,000 (The same as Bitcoin) allows this digital asset to be a store of value.

By being on the Ethereum network transactions are cheaper & quicker, allowing you to save more.  As an ERC20 token it will also able to integrate with future dApps and projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token storage is safe & simple. As it’s an ERC20 Token, it can be stored in any compatible Ethereum wallet. Including MyEtherWallet, Mist, Ledger, Trezor & many more. 

BTC20 Roadmap

Join Us From The Start As We Launch BTC20 To The World!

Tell All Your Friends. 

Air Drop

Before BTC20 hits the markets, we will be offering a pre release in the form of an Air Drop. We hope to build an active community to engage with. This will help BTC20 grow. 

Token Sale

On January 12th we will be holding a token sale. First week will have a 50% bonus. Second week will have a 25% bonus.

Exchange Listings

We will originally be listed on EtherDelta & Idex. After the token sale we will be applying for listings in a range of other larger exchanges including Yobit, Mercatox, Kucoin and more.

Future Plans

Integrating our token with future dApps on the Ethereum network. Getting BTC20 accepted by online & offline merchants.  The use of an online tip bot, so we can tip people for content and increase the exposure of our token. 

Token Details: 

Name:  BTC20

Symbol: BTC20

Decimals: 18

Supply: 21,000,000

Token Contract Address: 0xE24dc2C17dA55D290b273c84AD0447bA33B8D526

Crowdsale Contract Address:

Contact: Support@btc20.io

Air Drop

We are offering 5,000,000 tokens in a pre release air drop for anyone interested in BTC20. Each participant will receive 5000 BTC20. 

Thank you to everyone who applied for the air drop. We received thousand’s of entries. You will receive your tokens over the coming week as we have been delayed updating & verifying our token contract. Thank you for your patience.

Crowdsale Address: 0xF26C7cd79aa1eD2466E7e81A0E0541709Ddd050B